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RUNNING ON WAVES official statement on Health Control and Risk Prevention

Friday, March 6, 2020

March 06, 2020.

Dear guests and partners,

In view of coming charter/cruise season 2020, we wish to update you on how things stand on RUNNING ON WAVES with regard to COVID-2019 outbreak in China and some other countries.

First and foremost, as you may know, RUNNING ON WAVE, unlike any other cruise vessel, at present does not operate in winter period. November to April inclusive the Ship is docked in a closed private marina in Cyprus, with no guests on board, no crew on board save a few officers on duty, and no outsiders visiting her. Access to the marina itself is only possible through Health Control station.

We will start navigation on May 02, 2020.

Secondly, RUNNING ON WAVES as a small cruise ship differs essentially from bigger cruise liners. With only 18 cabins, there is but a very small amount of guests coming on board during navigation season. Besides, with that small guests capacity, it is much easier to carry out control and preventive measures.

Thirdly, what makes RUNNING ON WAVES unique even among other small ships, is that, though a cruise ship, she is mostly doing private charters (about 90% of all operation throughout a year). This means that guests are coming as a group in which all people closely know each other. As to FIT scheduled cruises (cabin charters), we only have four such departures in 2020.

Nevertheless, with regard to navigation season starting on May 02, 2020, we have adopted the Risk Prevention Protocol, which generally follows the Guidelines by CLIA and in some points goes beyond. In particular, it includes the following measures (but not limited to):

1. No passenger or crew are permitted to embark if they have travelled from or through the counties or regions of high risk (currently those are China, South Korea, and Northern Italy) in the previous 14 days.
2. There is mandatory screening on board.
3. All Crew members are educated as to the symptoms of the disease and are instructed on how to proceed in case any of any risk on board or on land.
4. Isolation facilities are in place on board, and a set of measures is worked out for that kind of situation.
5. All guests are required to complete a Public Health Questionnaire prior to embarkation.
6. The Ship is sanitized every day and operating at “Sanitation Yellow” level.

The Ship had never sailed through Asia and shall not do so throughout all the year 2020. During the coming season we only plan to operate in the Mediterranean Sea, predominantly in Greece.

No Crew member of RUNNING ON WAVES has been diagnosed with the COVID-2019.

Moreover, the Company is in constant interaction with the Flag Administration (Malta), Port Authorities and Health Autorities of Greece and Cyprus, in order to ensure that we provide risk-free cruising.