Running on Waves

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One-of-a-kind cruise experience

Unique experience you receive on a Tall Ship cruise aboard RUNNING ON WAVES is due to its very special character. Learn what core features distinguish a cruise on RUNNING ON WAVES from a cruise on board any other vessel, big or small.

First and foremost, it is a regular cruise in the environment of a luxury private mega-yacht with its prestigious stature, fine cuisine and personalized feel-at-home service, and yet with a plenty of entertainment and sports for your enjoyment.

Unlike guests of big cruise liners who behold the sea rather like an image on a postcard from the height of the 15th deck, RUNNING ON WAVES takes you to a true sailing adventure. The majestic blue element is near, and when you feel like swimming or going in for water sports, you just make a few steps to the stern ramp.

Our custom-designed itineraries are fashioned in such a way as to avoid big ports and crowded destinations for the sake of real jewels still unspoiled by mass tourism.

With her shallow draft RUNNING ON WAVES calls at coves and marinas, which are troublesome to reach by any other vessel, thus opening for you a door to wild nature, out-of-ordinary experiences and pristine beaches.

Since on board there are 18 state cabins only, you sail in the company of no more than 30 – 40 guests, all of them your like-minders who value untrodden paths and crave highly aesthetical impressions.

Add to this 15 square metres of open teakwood deck per guest –a ratio not found on any other cruise ship – plus a lot of separated areas for relaxation, and you get an inimitable communication framework, which  gives you highest quality socialization and yet allows to cloister yourself any moment.

Lastly, our boutique-style cruises guide you through palette of cultural and natural tints unseen by a mass tourist thus turning your vacation into a genuine ecology- and culture-aware exploration.