Running on Waves

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Your sailing wedding

Your wedding is an event of paramount importance, so if you have a tender spot in your hearts for romantics, and think yourselves challenging enough to venture for a wedding venue, that only very extravagant minds can dream of, then you will certainly be overwhelmingly rewarded with your guests’ admiration, amazing impressions, and lifetime-long memories. For probably there is nothing as glamorous as wedding celebration on board an exquisitely looking sailing mega-yacht.

This is what you can consider RUNNING ON WAVES for while planning your wedding:

  • You can rent the whole vessel for any duration you like and sail off with your guests. There can’t be more than 42 guests on board. Create your own fascinating itinerary or let us propose to you a number of great options.
  • If a long journey does not comply with your schedule, choose a beautiful location and hold a wedding party on board (one- day rent). When berthed, the ship will easily host up to 130 guests for an event.
  • If, by any chance, there are several other couples you are friendly with, anticipating the same exciting moment of their lives, why not share your tremendous adventure with them? Fewer guests from the side of each couple, but perhaps even more fun.
  • You have opted for a more traditional celebration inland – then what about a honeymoon journey ? Just the two of you, the shimmering sea and the most romantic corners of the Mediterranean. Get on one of our custom-designed scheduled cruises!
  • Last but not least, you are welcome to visit RUNNING ON WAVES just for a wedding photo-session which will win you astounding pictures that none of your friends can boast.

For your unforgettable event, we will make RUNNING ON WAVES even more beautiful by decorating her to your liking. We will also be happy to provide for any kind of entertainment, fireworks, music and shows, including a symbolic ceremony by the Captain, so as to strike your and your guests’ imagination.

Our artful chef will regale you with the most enticing masterpieces of fine cuisine.

Our water toys, massage, sun-deck Jacuzzi are at your disposal, while there are a lot of cosy areas for relaxation on board where you can enjoy your privacy. Or simply get lost on one of romantic beaches!

Our compliments to honeymooners:

  • Cabin Decoration with fresh flowers, balloons and candles;
  • Champagne;
  • Wedding cake.