Running on Waves

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Monday, May 30, 2011

The inauguration of the project took place in Gdansk, Poland, where the ship was built. The project was never announced in specialized media or anywhere else until fully completed. Therefore, a representation of the finished vessel was a big intrigue. It happened so, that on the first day upon guests’ and journalists’ arrival in the evening, they were taken on a tour around Gdansk instead of a port Polunochniy (North), where the vessel was. Accustomed to manipulations by commercial companies, journalists in buses had already begun to speak maliciously “show’s over”. However, late evening, when they finally arrived to the port and saw the sparkling newly painted barquentine, abutting the night sky with three illuminated masts, their delight was endless. The next day, already in the sunny morning, several hundred guests and journalists gathered around the ship. Under the music of a brass band the silk ribbon on the ladder was cut and guests let out into the air thousands of white balloons with the logo RUNNING ON WAVES and ship’s silhouette simultaneously.