Running on Waves

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With a due notice, RUNNING ON WAVES may be available for a long-term charter, starting from three weeks duration.

Geographically, this can be any itinerary, taking any amount of time to make it, including a round-the-globe navigation, a trans-ocean crossing, or a cruise within a certain aquatorium.

You may want to consider such an out-of-the-box opportunity for a long-time family escape, or if you are a movie producer in search of a beautiful stage for your filming process, or else if you are to organize an expedition.

Besides, one cannot but remark that for all kinds of fundraising, branding, charity and PR projects that seek top-level publicity, renting RUNNING ON WAVES as a high-class venue, gliding from port to port, is probably a treasure solution.

See below a round-the-globe sample charter itinerary. Remember: this information is a suggestion of places to go, but we are happy to customize a trip for you.

Round-the-globe Sailing Charter: Athens - Napoli - Monaco - Marseille - Barcelona - Cadiz - Madeira - Santa-Cruz-de-Tenerife - Barbados - Habana - Balboa (Panama) - Pascua - Tahiti (Papeete) - Samoa (Apia) - Papua New Guinea (Moresby) - Manila - Singapore - Phuket - Colombo - Mumbai (Bombay) - Dubai - Muscat (Mutrah) - Jiddah - Alexandria - Athens

6-7 month

How many of the people you know can boast they have ever made a round-the-globe journey ? Even fewer have done this on board a sailing ship. And what about those who have traveled around the Globe under sail and at the same time in luxury environment – one in a million, we daresay.

RUNNING ON WAVES is available for a round-the-globe charter, as a PR, fundraising, branding or any other kind of event – or just as a caprice. Provided, of course, that we receive your request well in advance. It can be westward or eastward, you can keep closer to the Equator or dare into higher latitudes. You are the Traveler.

Round the Globe charter on RUNNING ON WAVES tall ship