Running on Waves

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Music and magic of Ionia. "The Best of" Compilation

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Middle Sea Rolex 2015

Running on Waves

Classic music for classic sailing

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One day of a photographer

Corinth Canal


on the way from Santorini to Poros ⛵️

Running on Waves. Part.1

Running on Waves. Part.2

... but the true spirit of RUNNING ON WAVES lives up there, in the sails! ⛵️

Safe bathing is top priority aboard RUNNING ON WAVES ⛵️, with officers at watch and ribs cruising around. The toughest are allowed some liberties though… But don’t tell anyone 🤫!

September cruise

RUNNING ON WAVES left Limassol Marina port

Golf and Sail Cruises

RUNNING ON WAVES. Witness the Corinth Canal.