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Athens - Heraklion
Special Offer - Season Opening

10 April 2024 - 17 April 2024
8 days/7 nights



Day 1 Athens

While roving the sea, we will do our best to let you immerse into the genuine atmosphere of marine travel.

Do not miss: Acropolis, Roman Agora and the Ancient Agora, Theatre of Dionysus, Plaka district, Hellenic Parliament Building to watch the ceremonial change of guards, National Archaeological Museum, Benaki Museum of Greek Culture, National Gardens and Psirri area.


The Golden City of Pericles. City of the goddess Athena. Birthplace of democracy and cradle of Western Civilization. Prime image of classical ancient Greece. Homeland of gods and goddesses, scholars and philosophers, athletes and musicians.

Departure: 22:00


Day 2 Syros

Sitting in the heart of the Aegean Sea, Syros is a mixture of Cycladic and Venetian architecture. Just imagine whitewashed houses blending with colorful mansions and big churches, surrounded by the Cycladic nature. Dreamy, right? Ideal for families and couples who seek a romantic, yet laid-back holiday destination, Syros has an elegant and nostalgic vibe that enchants every visitor.

Ermoupoli, the capital of Syros island and also the orthodox town of Syros, is an architectural gem! Colorful mansions, neoclassical buildings, imposing orthodox churches and squares, create the most postcard-perfect place in Syros! For a dip into the culture of Ermoupolis, visit the Town Hall building, which was created by Ernst Ziller, Apollo Theater and Pallas cinema.

Taste the famous cheese of Syros, San Mihalis in Ai Mihalis. 

Arrival: 12:00
Departure: next day 09:00


Day 3 Mykonos

Mykonos is the great glamour island of Greece and flaunts its sizzling St-Tropez-meets-Ibiza style and party-hard reputation. It is the island of modern-day celebrities and not the island of spirits of the past. Sharon Stone and Brad Pitt, Madonna and Mike Jagger, Gina Lollobrigida and Sofia Loren visit quite often– this is a holiday!

Appreciate a fine collection of paintings at the Folklore Museum of Mykonos. It will let you travel through the ages of the island’s history. Watch classic original movies open-air style at Cine Manto. Hop on to see the traditional ways of living of the locals at the village of Ano Mera. There you can observe farming households, restaurants and monasteries. 

Snap a sneaky delightful meal at the best traditional Greek diner, Kiki’s Tavern. Despite being a tavern you will experience incredible level of service. Admire the sea view and dine at either higher class places, or you can choose a unique spot like Farma, Mykonos’ first farm-to-table restaurant. 

Mykonos is the jumping-off point for the archaeological site of the nearby island of Delos.

Arrival: 12:00
Departure: next day 08:00


Day 4 Paros

Paros is an island for every one: famous beaches varying from popular and vibrant to secluded, traditional Cycladic architecture, vivid nightlife, enchanting rural villages, and historical monuments.

The two main villages, Parikia and Naoussa, are the heart of the island’s nightlife beats. Full of traditional taverns, luxurious restaurants and sophisticated bars, Parikia and Naoussa overflow with young crowds every night. For tranquility go to traditional villages of Lefkes and Marpissa. 

The island is famous for one thing in particular: its beaches! Huge, sandy, with crystal clear waters and many facilities. Santa Maria, Golden Beach Paros, Punta, and Kolymbithres are some of the most famous beaches in Paros. However, there are also many secluded beaches, for those who seek privacy! 

Paros has also ideal conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing, thanks to “Meltemi” wind. Every summer it hosts the Professional Windsurfing World Cup.

Historical monuments include most significant early church in the Aegean, the awe-inspiring Panagia Ekatontapiliani (Church of 100 Doors). Or you could climb to the Venetian castle at the port and visit the Byzantine Road at Lefkes.

Arrival: 12:00
Departure: 20:00


Day 5 Milos

Rich in allusions to Greek mythology and artwork

Thanks to its volcanic origin, Milos boasts a magnificent colorful landscape and a coastline that counts more than 40 exotic beaches.

Standing out for its majestic ambiance, rich history, picturesque fishing villages, amazing food, and indigo bays, Milos island in Greece is a timeless Cycladic gem that will steal your breath with its enchanting beauty. The variety of landscapes in Milos is unreal- you’ll see nothing twice, there’s always something new to discover. Being home to the Venus of Milo statue, which was discovered on the island and the stunning Sarakiniko beach, Milos’ beauty is expressed in many ways!

Milos Greece welcomes everyone, but it is particularly popular with couples, which find in the serene natural landscape of Milos the perfect setting for their romantic holidays. Indeed, the numerous caves, mysterious catacombs, and emerald Milos beaches squeeze enough charm to bewitch any traveler.

Milos beaches are iconic, and especially the gorgeous Sarakiniko beach. This beach boasts a lunar landscape, consisting of volcanic gleaming white rock formations and crystal clear turquoise waters. 


Arrival: 09:00
Departure: next day 06:00


Day 6 Folegandros

Serene mountainous island with almost no tourists, towns on dizzy cliffs and deserted beaches.

Arrival: 12:00
Departure: next day 07:00


Day 7 Santorini

This island houses the largest sea volcano in the world. Part of its crater went under water during an eruption, thus creating a caldera – a funnel filled with sea water. The resulting intense tsunami led to the sunset of the Minoan civilization. There is a theory that it was exactly this tsunami that sunk Atlántida (also known as Atlantis). The edge of the caldera is an upright rock, approximately 300 meters high. One may get to the top on foot, conquering 687 steps, ride a mountain road lined with stones, or take a funicular. Once up at the height of 220 meters above sea level, you will find yourself in the most beautiful town of Fira – the capital of Santorini. Picturesque views of the town attract cinema directors, painters and photographers from all over the world. Not surprisingly, people say that all most beautiful movies of Greece were made here – snow-white houses, blue roofs and thrilling views of the sea and sky merging together.


All sunsets at Santorini are as unique as the colors of the sea before the sun sets, and they never repeat themselves. The color of the sky becomes supernatural, and along with the views of the waves, the shape of the clouds, the smells and the wind – all come together to create a sense of magic. Add to this incredible multicolored beaches with volcano sand and you get one of the most wonderful places on Earth!

Arrival: 12:00
Departure: 20:00


Day 8 Heraklion

Heraklion is the most popular region of Crete and is located on the eastern side of the island, between Rethymno and Lassithi. Its beautiful capital, Heraklion Town, is one of the busiest cities in Crete.
In the Heraklion region, you will find two of the most important Crete monuments: Knossos Palace and Phaestos Palace. Being over 20,000 square meters big, the Minoan Palace of Knossos is the largest of all Minoan palatial structures. The remains of colorful murals, imposing red columns and the glorious throne room will make you feel transported into the Minoan Era.

Arrival: 08:00

* Please note the quoted timing (arrival /departure time to/from the islands) is indicative and may slightly change due to weather conditions and especially for the sake of better provisioning of all the activities and benefits of the cruise.


Cruise prices

8 days/7 nights

All cabin prices include accommodation with full board.

Cabin Category   Cabin Description Cabin № 

Price per person in Double accommodation


Price per person in Single accommodation


 Port Calls per person for a 7-night cruise in Greek waters 


Mini-suite MAIN DECK 20 м2 double bed + sofa 2814  3480 350
A-class 18 м2 double bed  4 2310 2850 350
A-class 16 м2 double bed  2, 3 2200 2714 350
A-class 14 м2 double bed  6 1870 2300 350
B-class superior TWEEN DECK 12 м2 double bed 14, 15 1802 2215 350
B-class superior 12 м2  round double bed 21 1802 2215 350
B-class 12 м2  double bed 16, 17, 18  1734 2130 350
B-class 11 м2 double bed 29  1620 1927 350
B-class 11 м2 twin  24 1620 1927 350
B-class * 12 м2 triple (3 guests) 19, 23, 25, 27  1066  n/a 350
B-class 12 м2  triple for twin use (2 guests) 19, 23, 25, 27 1734 n/a 350
B-class * 11 м2 triple (3 guests) 22  990 n/a 350
B-class   11 м2 triple for twin use (2 guests) 22  1570 n/a 350

* Price per person in triple accommodation 

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For CRUISES information and reservations in the US and Canada:

+1 888 343 09 43


Prices include / free of charge:

  • Full board
  • Coffee/ tea and still water, crackers free during the day at the bar counter
  • Kayaks, windsurf boards, fins and masks for snorkeling
  • Entertainments on board: show and animation programs, sails practices, yoga classes, karaoke (activities are indicative and  may differ from cruise to cruise, depending on weather, cruise schedule, cruise program, cruise itinerary, guests' preferences, etc)
  • SAT TV in the cabins
  • Jacuzzi
  • Yoga sessions with professional instructor


On extra payment:

  • Cocktails, alcohol and drinks in the bar
  • Diving equipment and diving instructor services, underwater group tours
  • Water ski, wakeboards etc.
  • Bus excursions with invited guide
  • Laundry services
  • Air tickets, transfer and visa cost
  • Port charges
  • Service charge (tips) (on passengers decision)


Special deal for children:

  • 2 adults +1 child 8-12 years, discount for children (in Economy class)                 - 100% off
  • 2 adults +1 child 12-18 years, discount for children (in Economy class)                       - 50% off
  • 1 adult + 1 child 8-12 years, discount for children (in Standard & Premium class)     - 50% off
  • 1 adult + 1 child 12-18 years, discount for children (in Standard & Premium class)   - 25% off

Notice:    For safety reasons children are allowed on board starting from the age of 8. Children under 8 may be allowed on board by special permission of the Company.