Running on Waves

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Hunt for a cruise deal

Apart from regular Small Ship Cruises RUNNING ON WAVES operates so-called crossings. The word normally refers to a technical repositioning of a vessel from one port to another, which usually does not imply calls on the way. We, however, have developed a different concept. Our crossings are as interesting as our regular cruises and even more, in a way, as sometimes on such crossings we visit places, which are left out on full-scale cruises, even by boutique ships like RUNNING ON WAVES. Worth mentioning, crossings are usually shorter than a week, a good choice for those unable to fit a longer sailing into their tight schedule.  Besides, crossing itineraries come up on the calendar 1 – 2 months before departure, hence 50% discount on daily rates. Follow us and catch this rare opportunity to make a sailing voyage in royal comfort at a fraction of price.