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Ionian Cruise 2024

11 August 2024 - 18 August 2024
8 days/7 nights

Explore the breathtaking Ionian Islands on a dream cruise! Discover the beauty of Corfu, Lefkas, Zakynthos (home of the famous Shipwreck Beach), Kefalonia, Antipaxi, Paxi, Sivota (featuring the enchanting Blue Lagoon), Saranda, and return to Corfu.

Each day, immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes and vibrant cultures of these unique destinations. Plus, enhance your well-being with daily yoga sessions led by our experienced instructor, Naïr. Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or a mix of both, this cruise promises an unforgettable experience.

Join us for an unforgettable journey through some of the most beautiful islands in the Ionian Sea!

*Kindly remind that our Yoga instructor Naïr will be in charge on board from the 11th till the 18th of August 2024.



Day 1 Corfu

Departure: 11.08.2024 20:00


Day 2 Lefkas

Despite being connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway, making it one of the few Greek islands that you can drive to, Lefkada remains surprisingly unaffected by tourism.

Laid-back Lefkada Town is a charming place to spend a day or two, while the hills of the interior still conceal timeless villages and wild olive groves, and the rugged west coast holds some amazing beaches, albeit in some cases badly damaged by recent earthquakes. Only along the east coast are there some overdeveloped enclaves; if you continue all the way south you’ll find stunning little bays and inlets, as well as windy conditions that attract kitesurfers and windsurfers from all over the world.

Lefkada was originally a peninsula, not a true island. Corinthian colonisers cut a canal through the narrow isthmus that joined it to the rest of Greece in the 8th century BC.

Arrival: 12.08.2024 08.00
Departure: 12.08.2024 24.00


Day 3 Zakynthos

Zakynthos, the most reserved island of Greece

Zakynthos is the only Greek island having international status of the natural wildlife preserve. The island has been called “The flower of Mediterranean East” for its beauty and balmy gardens. Mirror-like waters of Zakynthos may be seen on almost every postcard of Greece.

Yachts floating on the water surface appear to be suspended in the air. It would be a crime to visit and not to swim in this magical place! Once in town, one may go to the National Sea Wildlife Preserve or visit the temple of Saint Dionysus, the local winery and the olive oil pressing factory or walk along the coastal avenue – Strata Marina – the liveliest street in the town, filled with coffee shops, bars and restaurants.

Arrival: 13.08.2024 08.00
Departure: 13.08.2024 24.00


Day 4 Kefalonia

Kefalonia, the largest Ionian island

Kefalonia is the island of sailors and mountain climbers, Greeks and Venetians, winemakers and travelers. Here stands Enom – the tallest mountain of Ionic islands (1628 m), covered with unique pine trees. Those willing to make a pilgrim tour may get into the Saint Gerasim monastery. There you will find an ancient sycamore tree still standing, said to have been planted by the saint himself. His cave-cell is located under the building of the monastery. Then we shall go for Andrew the First-Called Apostle monastery, the museum with miracle-making icons of Stephano Tsagarol, the Monastery of Saint Crucifixion in Pessado and the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary with benches. It is also possible to pop into the local winery, where six kinds of Kefalonian wine are being made out of Robola grape.

Another excursion will go to the famous Drogarati cave with stalactites, stalagmites and unusual acoustics, due to which Maria Kallas and Luchano Povarotti took the floor there once. Then the observation ground above the famous beach Mirtos awaits us, followed by a lunch in the picturesque nearby village of Agia Efimia. Our trip will end with the visit to the underground lake Melissani; the cave that once stood over it was destroyed during an earthquake. Now the lake is exposed to the sun, which creates beautiful light show on the water with colors ranging from sky-blue to intense dark-blue.

Arrival: 14.08.2024 08.00
Departure: 14.08.2024 20.00


Day 5.1 Antipaxi

Enjoy Caribbean-esque beaches and translucent blue brightest waters – the landmark of Antipaxos. Vountoumi and Vrika are main beaches. Do not miss the chance to get to a secluded beach with a tender. Get adventures and cross the whole island through thickets of vineyards and olives. Sit and watch the world go by, the boats coming in and out of the bay at a few nice taverns. Regale yourself with famous Black wine, made of special sort of grapes that grows only here.

Arrival: 15.08.2024 08.00
Departure: 15.08.2024 15.00


Day 5.2 Paxi

Unspoiled scenery

Arrival: 15.08.2024 16.00
Departure: 16.08.2024 06.00


Day 6 Sivota

Sivota, often dubbed the "Blue Lagoon" is a mesmerizing gem nestled along the western coastline of Greece. Snorkelers and divers revel in the opportunity to explore the vibrant marine life beneath the surface, encountering colorful fish darting among swaying sea grass. The rugged cliffs that frame Sivota add an element of drama to the landscape, providing breathtaking vistas for hikers and photographers alike. For those seeking adventure, Sivota offers a range of water sports activities, from kayaking and paddleboarding to sailing and jet skiing. Excursions to nearby islets and caves provide opportunities for exploration and discovery, with each outing revealing new facets of Sivota's enchanting beauty.

Arrival: 16.08.2024 08.00
Departure: 17.08.2024 05.00


Day 7.1 Corfu

Technical stop



Arrival: 17.08.2024 08.00
Departure: 17.08.2024 10.00


Day 7.2 Saranda

Saranda is the unofficial capital of the Albanian Riviera, and come the summer months it seems like half of Tirana relocates here to enjoy the busy beach and busier nightlife along its crowd-filled seaside promenade. What was once a sleepy fishing village is now a thriving city, and while Saranda has lost much of its quaintness in the past two decades, it has retained much of its charisma.

Arrival: 17.08.2024 12.00
Departure: 18.08.2024 06.00


Day 8 Corfu

Arrival: 18.08.2024 08.00

* Please note the quoted timing (arrival /departure time to/from the islands) is indicative and may slightly change due to weather conditions and especially for the sake of better provisioning of all the activities and benefits of the cruise.


Cruise prices

8 days/7 nights

All cabin prices include accommodation with full board.

Cabin Category   Cabin Description Cabin № 

Price per person in Double accommodation


Price per person in Single accommodation


 Port Calls per person for a 7-night cruise in Greek waters 


Mini-suite MAIN DECK 20 м2 double bed + sofa




A-class 18 м2 double bed  4




A-class 16 м2 double bed  2, 3




A-class 14 м2 double bed  6




B-class superior TWEEN DECK 12 м2 double bed 14, 15




B-class superior 12 м2  double bed 21




B-class 12 м2  double bed 16, 17, 18 




B-class 11 м2 double bed 29 




B-class 11 м2 twin  24




B-class * 12 м2 triple (3 guests) 19, 23, 25, 27 




B-class 12 м2  triple for twin use (2 guests) 19, 23, 25, 27




B-class * 11 м2 triple (3 guests) 22 




B-class   11 м2 triple for twin use (2 guests) 22 




* Price per person in triple accommodation 

For CRUISES information and reservations in the GERMANY/AUSTRIA/SWITZERLAND:


For CRUISES information and reservations in the US and Canada:

+1 888 343 09 43


15% off the cabin fare if booked prior to June, 15 2024

Please note that the above discounts do not have direct force. They can be revoked or renewed again depending on booking situation. Please refer to your booking confirmation to see if a discount applies. 


Prices include / free of charge:

  • Full board
  • Coffee/ tea and still water, crackers free during the day at the bar counter
  • Kayaks, windsurf boards, fins and masks for snorkeling
  • Entertainments on board: show and animation programs, sails practices, yoga classes, karaoke (activities are indicative and  may differ from cruise to cruise, depending on weather, cruise schedule, cruise program, cruise itinerary, guests' preferences, etc)
  • SAT TV in the cabins
  • Jacuzzi


On extra payment:

  • Cocktails, alcohol and drinks in the bar
  • Diving equipment and diving instructor services, underwater group tours
  • Water ski, wakeboards etc.
  • Bus excursions with invited guide
  • Laundry services
  • Air tickets, transfer and visa cost
  • Port charges
  • Service charge (tips) (on passengers decision)


Full body massage — 60min (190€)

A full body massage with medicated herbal oils that helps to feel a deep relaxation, a nice energy release and a complete nourishing experience in all senses. It is a physical and energetic trip.

Aromatherapy back massage — 30min (120€)

With natural and eco pure essential oils you receive a back massage that helps with the pain and discomforts of spine, shoulders, and lower back.

Aromatherapy face massage — 30min (120€)

With natural and eco pure essential oils you receive a neck, head, and face massage that relaxes you and nourishes your skin with this ancient science of aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy foot massage — 30min (120€)

With natural and eco pure essential oils you receive a foot and leg massage that will relax you and nourish your blood with this ancient science of aromatherapy.

Chakra Alignment — 60min (150€)

An energetic healing that helps to balance your Chakras, opening ones that are damaged, closing those that are overexposed, moving the stagnant energy to where you really need it, and bringing stability and peace to your energy system. We apply gemmotherapy, sound healing, pendulum reading and hand healing. 

Personal Сhart reading is available at the end of the session for an extra 25€.

Special deal for children:

  • 2 adults +1 child 8-12 years, discount for children (in Economy class)                      - 100% off
  • 2 adults +1 child 12-18 years, discount for children (in Economy class)                    - 50% off
  • 1 adult + 1 child 8-12 years, discount for children (in Standard & Premium class)     - 50% off
  • 1 adult + 1 child 12-18 years, discount for children (in Standard & Premium class)   - 25% off

Notice:    For safety reasons children are allowed on board starting from the age of 8. Children under 8 may be allowed on board by special permission of the Company.