Running on Waves

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Illyrian Cruise
Finesse and largesse

5 June 2021 - 12 June 2021
8 days/7 nights

These are places craved by so many. The at-a-glance celeb shortlist includes Hellenes, Romans, Byzantines, Normans, the Genoese, Venetians, Ottomans, Napoleon… Now it seems to be your turn.



Day 1 Dubrovnik

"Pearl of the Adriatic"

The sunny city on the south of Croatia is among the most visited tourist destinations, not only in Croatia, but in entire Europe as well. Amazing architecture, ancient Old Town, clear blue sea and many more exciting things expect you in the “Pearl of Adriatic”. It managed to preserve its beautiful Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches, monasteries, palaces, and fountains which made it listed in a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Main attribute of Dubrovnik region is the Old town Dubrovnik surrounded by magnificent City Walls, but you shouldn't stop exploring! Dubrovnik region has much more to offer, starting from natural beauties such as National Park Mljet or Lokrum Island, gastronomy and oenology pleasures of Pelješac peninsula, or the pinnacle that sun & sea can offer: Sunj beach on Lopud Island.

Departure: 1st day 19:00


Day 2 Cavtat

Cosy, green and authentic

Small coastal town of Cavtat — a place of lovely homes and coves. The center of town is a crescent walkway along the bay, lined with open-air restaurants and shops. Just beyond the commercial area, several hundred feet up the hillside, is an historic catholic church. In year 2004 Cavtat got the title European Competition for Towns and Villages in Blooms, especially for the well-tended green areas and flower arrangements on the beach promenade.

Arrival: 1st day 22:00
Departure: 2d day 23:50


Day 3 Kotor

Natural Fjord and ancient maze

A person’s first look at Kotor, whether from the sea or from the road, always leaves a strong impression.  Kotor is unique for several reasons. It is located on the only natural fjord of its kind in the world and in a bay that has made the list of Most Beautiful Bays in the World. But visiting Kotor is about more than beautiful views—it’s also about experiencing the cultural heritage of Boka Kotorska Bay.

The Old Town of Kotor lay in the shadows of the fearsome St. John’s Hill and the walls protecting this town are a fortification masterpiece at up to 15 meters wide and 20 meters high each. These walls are skillfully crafted into the natural steep slopes of the hill and the view of this town on approach is one of the amazing sights.

Old Kotor was built like a maze for protective purposes and it is very easy to get lost here. In fact, even the locals get lost. Take a wrong turn and you will wind up far from your destination. This can happen even with a town map in hand. However, looking for landmarks, such as the 12th century St. Tryphon Cathedral, will help—and these landmarks are listed on nearly every tourist map.

Arrival: 3d day 08:00
Departure: 3d day 20:00


Day 4 Bar


Bar is one of the least touristy towns on the Montenegrin coast - which makes it perfect for off-the-beaten-track exploring. 

Explore the ruins of the old town, visit one of the oldest olive trees in the world and sun worship on the beaches. And if you're a thrill-seeker, Bar is home to Montenegro's most challenging canyoning experience!

The most important tourist site in Bar is the Stari Bar, also known as Old Bar. Stari Bar, unlike the newer parts of the city, is not near the sea—it instead rests on a hill, where it was first erected by the Illyrians as a fortified city. 

Arrival: 4th day 10:00
Departure: 5th day 07:00


Day 5 Sea

Whole day TALL SHIP sailing

While roving the sea, we will do our best to let you immerse into the genuine atmosphere of marine travel. We start with a tour of the ship, succeeded with the Bridge tour and the Engine tour. And we sincerely recommend you took part in our exclusive Marine Activities: children and adults alike will admire tying sailor’s knots under the Boatswain’s guidance; why not try yourself at mast climbing; the Captain and the Officers give regular master-classes on celestial navigation, sails setting, and probably the most exciting of all – you can put your hands on the steering-wheel and run the huge ship yourself like Captain Sparrow, basking in the feeling of freedom.

Arrival: 5th day 07:00
Departure: 6th day 08:00


Day 6 (1) Saranda

Saranda, the most unexpected point of the itinerary, “southern door of Albania”

Saranda, a resort town in Albania, offers the most beautiful coastline of the country. Ancient town of Saranda is known from the times of Ancient Greece. A large number of Greeks still inhabit this region. The Greek government even wanted to connect this territory to Greece. Cicero wrote about Saranda as an important strategic point. In the times of the Byzantine Empire, the town was a ferry port between Italy and Epirus. Byzantine heritage left many traces here. The ruins of an ancient town of Butrinty - f “The town of the world heritage” – are adjacent to Saranda. Ancient town of Phinichi is located neaby as well. According to scientists, the largest Acropolis in the world is found here; it is seven times larger than the Acropolis in Athens. “Blue eyes” and beautiful tiny islands are nature’s gift. Interested tourists may wish to spend time in Ksamile – the best beach of Albania. A group of the uninhabited islands is located at the distance of 10 minutes’ swim from the shore.

Arrival: 6th day 08:00
Departure: 6th day 18:00


Day 6 Corfu

Arrival: 6th day 21:00
Departure: 6th day 23:00


Day 7 Paxi

Arrival: 7th day 07:00
Departure: 7th day 22:00


Day 8 Corfu

Arrival: 8th day 08:00

* Please note  the quoted timing (arrival /departure time to/from the islands) is indicative and may slightly change due to weather conditions and especially for the sake of better provisioning of all the activities and benefits of the cruise.