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Repositioning cruise Athens - Cyprus
Athens - Cyprus

8 October 2022 - 15 October 2022
8 days/7 nights

Only authentic, not touristy islands, not spoiled by masses.

In a week - through half the ancient oecumene… And have you heard about a tiny Greek pearl beneath the bounteous belly of Turkish Lycia?


port Piraeus (Athens)

Day 1 port Piraeus (Athens)

Athens is a city where you can find a Roman tomb in the basement of the clothing store and a metro station where you can walk through the remnants of an ancient necropolis.

Do not miss: Acropolis, Roman Agora and the Ancient Agora, Theatre of Dionysus, Plaka district, Hellenic Parliament Building to watch the ceremonial change of guards, National Archaeological Museum, Benaki Museum of Greek Culture, National Gardens and Psirri area.


The Golden City of Pericles. City of the goddess Athena. Birthplace of democracy and cradle of Western Civilization. Prime image of classical ancient Greece. Homeland of gods and goddesses, scholars and philosophers, athletes and musicians.

Departure: 20:00


Day 2 Kythnos

Myths say that from this island Zeus observed the birth of Apollo and then a mythical son of god Apollo, Kythnos, established a settlement here.

Messaria (the capital) boasts traditional architecture: whitewashed houses, blue windows and domes, stone windmills, labirinthian alleys, flowery courtyards. Call for the pottery to the UNESCO awarded pottery workshop. Do not miss: 

- the sole outdoor Mesolithic settlement, where one of the oldest human skeleton was found in Archaeological site of Maroulas.

- the beach of Kolona, which is two beaches on both sides of is a long strip of sand, that connects the islet of Agios Loukas to the island. Kythnos has 99 beaches mostly unorganized but all comfortable.

- the large Cave of Katafyki –former mine and shelter. Test Mulberries and apricots on the way there.

- the wild Thermal springs of Loutra or Hydrotherapy center-  first  SPA in Greece appreciated even by Greek royals.

Arrival: 06:00
Departure: 20:00


Day 3 Naxos

The largest of the Cyclades, Naxos packs a lot of bang for its buck. Its main city of Hora (known also as Naxos) has a gorgeous waterfront and a web of steep cobbled alleys below its hilltop kastro, all filled with the hubbub of tourism and shopping. You needn’t travel far, though, to find isolated beaches, atmospheric mountain villages and ancient sites.

Naxos was a cultural centre of Classical Greece and Byzantium, and Venetian and Frankish influences also left their mark. Its high mountains form rain clouds, and consequently Naxos is more fertile and green than most of the other Cyclades islands. It produces olives, grapes, figs, citrus fruit, corn and potatoes. Mt Zeus (also known as Mt Zas; 1004m) is the Cyclades’ highest peak and is the central focus of the island’s mountainous interior, where you will find enchanting villages such as Halki and Apiranthos.

Arrival: 10:00
Departure: 20:00


Day 4 Astypalaia

“The bank of the Gods”

Astypalaia – or Astropalia as the locals call their island in their own dialect – is a lovely island that you will never forget. Thanks to its secluded location, it has managed to stay off the radar and has emerged as a great alternative destination. The Venetian Castle on the top of a hill in Chora, traditional windmills and whitewashed houses create a magical setting that never fails to seduce visitors!

Astypalea beaches are mostly unorganized and secluded, offering the perfect setting for those who seek privacy and want to unwind away. Two of the most beautiful beaches of the island can be reached by the tourist boats which set off from Pera Yalos and Maltezana. These beaches are Kaminakia, where there is a tavern which serves boiled goat (stew), an island speciality, and Vatses, where there is a cave with stalactites and stalagmites.

Once upon a time the castle of Astypalaia had a key that was used to lock the island's belles in and out of the reach of visitors. Now-days on the other hand Astypalaia Island is wide open and shows its beauties as its inhabitants are welcoming to visitors who soon became friends and will come again!

Arrival: 10:00
Departure: 20:00


Day 5 Symi

Main town features a neoclassical harbour of pastel-coloured buildings. Beyond the town, you’ll find coastal hikes, coves ideal for swimming and historic sights, from the elegant Panormitis monastery to castle ruins.

The entrance of the horseshoe-shaped port is dominated by Roloi, a clock tower. The Town Hall, the cathedral, the square and the Naval Museum of Symi are the main attractions on this side. At the location Myloi, visit Pontikokastro (the castle of mice!); there is a prehistoric tomb as well as remnants of old mills, used in the past for crushing grains into flour, yet some of them are households today. Behind the highest mountain of the island (560m) lies a beautiful cypress and pine tree forest.
The forest at Kourkouniotis is home to 120 byzantine wine presses of which eleven have been restored. The island held a fine tradition in winemaking up to the 18th c.
The most significant event is Symi’s Festival that hosts a large number of cultural events such as classical and modern music concerts, dance, theater, cinema, and literature evenings from July to September every year.

Arrival: 11:00
Departure: 19:00


Day 6 Kastelorizo

The remotes Island of Greece

Aristocratic Neoclassical Mansions, Red Fortresses, Phantasmagorical Caves and Sapphire Waters in a Lilliputian Island.
On the easternmost edge of Greece, one will have the opportunity to explore the colourful island of Kastelorizo. Kastelorizo is a well-kept secret, a buried hidden treasure and a hideaway escape in the Aegean waiting for you to discover it. Just off the coast of Asia Minor, the remotest island of Greece might lack in size, but it replenishes in landscapes and colours; besides they say less is more. Kastelorizo is a true getaway escape. Dive in the sapphire waters of the biggest underwater cave of the country, hop into a boat to visit the isle of Ro, admire the neoclassical houses of the seaside promenade, taste the fresh fish of the fishermen at the seaside taverns and climb up to the Red Castle to enjoy the panoramic views! Kastelorizo will charm you from the first moment, as it is blessed from an atmospheric oasis found in few places in the world. Dare to flirt with this true experience!

Arrival: 12:00
Departure: 20:00

at sea

Day 7 at sea

Whole day TALL SHIP sailing

While roving the sea, we will do our best to let you immerse into the genuine atmosphere of marine travel. We start with a tour of the ship, succeeded with the Bridge tour and the Engine tour. And we sincerely recommend you took part in our exclusive Marine Activities: children and adults alike will admire tying sailor’s knots under the Boatswain’s guidance; why not try yourself at mast climbing; the Captain and the Officers give regular master-classes on celestial navigation, sails setting, and probably the most exciting of all – you can put your hands on the steering-wheel and run the huge ship yourself like Captain Sparrow, basking in the feeling of freedom.


Day 8 Limassol

Limassol is the second largest town in Cyprus. Apart from being a major tourist destination, it is also a principal hub for international business in Cyprus. This gives Limassol a cosmopolitan feel.

A many-kilometer stretch of coastline, from Pissouri to Governor’s Beach, makes up one of Limassol's greatest advantages. Whether you are seeking a cosmopolitan atmosphere or a remote location, a family-oriented beach or one suitable for games and late night parties, there are dozens of beaches in the city and province of Limassol that cover all preferences for relaxation or water activities.

Beautiful attractions, from ancient kingdoms to medieval churches, and from the neoclassical buildings of the city center to locations of natural beauty, combined with unique options for accommodation, wellness, and activities, all come together to create a diverse experience both in the city and countryside of Limassol.

Don't just see the city, experience it. Limassol crackles with its own unique energy. It is historical. It is cosmopolitan. It is exciting. It is wild. But above all, it is everything you could want it to be...

Arrival: 10:00

Repositioning cruise prices 2022

8 days/7 nights

All cabin prices include accommodation with full board.

Cabin Category   Cabin Description Cabin № 

Price per person in Double accommodation


Price per person in Single accommodation


 Port Calls per person for a 7-night cruise in Greek waters 


Mini-suite MAIN DECK 20 м2 double bed + sofa 2664 3330 350
A-class 18 м2 double bed  4 2160 2700 350
A-class 16 м2 double bed  2, 3 2050 2564 350
A-class 14 м2 double bed  6 1720 2150 350
B-class superior TWEEN DECK 12 м2 double bed 14, 15 1652 2065 350
B-class superior 12 м2  round double bed 21 1652 2065 350
B-class 12 м2  double bed 16, 17, 18  1584 1980 350
B-class 11 м2 double bed 29  1420 1780 350
B-class 11 м2 twin  24 1420 1780 350
B-class * 12 м2 triple (3 guests) 19, 23, 25, 27  920  n/a 350
B-class 12 м2  triple for twin use (2 guests) 19, 23, 25, 27 1584 n/a 350
B-class * 11 м2 triple (3 guests) 22  840 n/a 350
B-class   11 м2 triple for twin use (2 guests) 22  1420 n/a 350

* Price per person in triple accommodation


Prices include / free of charge:

  • Full board (meals 4 times a day)
  • Coffee/ tea and still water, crackers free during the day at the bar counter
  • Kayaks, windsurf boards, fins and masks for snorkeling
  • Entertainments on board: show and animation programs, sails practices, yoga classes, karaoke
  • SAT TV in the cabins
  • Jacuzzi


On extra payment:

  • Cocktails, alcohol and drinks in the bar
  • Diving equipment and diving instructor services, underwater group tours
  • Water ski, wakeboards etc.
  • Bus excursions with invited guide
  • Laundry services
  • Air tickets, transfer and visa cost
  • Port charges
  • Service charge (tips) (on passengers decision)


Special deal for children:

  • 2 adults +1 child 8-12 years, discount for children (in Economy class)                 - 100% off
  • 2 adults +1 child 12-18 years, discount for children (in Economy class)                       - 50% off
  • 1 adult + 1 child 8-12 years, discount for children (in Standard & Premium class)     - 50% off
  • 1 adult + 1 child 12-18 years, discount for children (in Standard & Premium class)   - 25% off

Notice:    For safety reasons children are allowed on board starting from the age of 8. Children under 8 may be allowed on board by special permission of the Company.