Why are sailing and diving made for each other? The first reason — a shared spirit of adventure. It puffs up the sails and drives the boat to new places. It also forces you to plunge deep into unknown areas. The second reason — a small boat won't take you far, and a big cruise liner won't come close to most locations. RUNNING ON WAVES is ready to lower a diving ramp that lies right on the surface of the water


Luxury tall ship cruise on a boutique ship of only 18 cabins

Luxury tall ship cruise on a boutique ship of only 18 cabins

- Finest cuisine
- Cabins equipped with a 5-star hotel room facilities
- Watersports: swimming, water slide, snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, wakeboarding, water ski, deep sea fishing
- Entertainments: Maritime and culinary master-classes, photosafari, shore excursions, disco, karaoke, cinema, table games, massage...
- Impeccable service of 21 multilingual professional crew


With Diving or Without. In a small group.

With Diving or Without. In a small group.

Participation in a diving program is optional.

You can go diving with local Greek guides.
Or You can just enjoy entertainment on board. RUNNING ON WAVES is perfect for both!

Enjoy cave diving, wreck diving, reef diving and other


Close community of interests

Close community of interests

Adventurers, lovers of beauty that is not available to everyone, strong in body and spirit, who know very well how important it is to be attentive and ready to help each other. It's a community worth being a part of.


1 day. Athens (Piraeus)

Athens - Birthplace of democracy and cradle of Western Civilization. City where you can find a Roman tomb in the basement of the clothing store and a metro station where you can walk through the remnants of an ancient necropolis.

Day 2 Milos

Rich in allusions to Greek mythology and artwork. Thanks to its volcanic origin, Milos boasts a magnificent colorful landscape and a coastline that counts more than 40 exotic beaches.


Day 3 Folegandros

Serene mountainous island with almost no tourists, towns on dizzy cliffs and deserted beaches.

The huge cave with easy entrance and a spacious interior.
“Adelfia” (brothers) reef has the shape of a shark fin and because if its location in the middle of the sea is full of aquatic life.

Day 4 Santorini

This island houses the largest sea volcano in the world. All sunsets at Santorini are as unique as the colors of the sea before the sun sets.

Adiavatos reef.
The reef’s head at 12m depth is decorated by huge monoliths, while on every side of it the walls drop down dramatically to the depths of several hundred meters. Its formation shelters various aquatic life. 
Volcano dive.
A sulfor green layer at the first couple of meters creates a mystical ambience through out this dive. Numerous huge lava rocks scattered around give shelter to lobsters, groupers, octopuses.
Mansel reef.
On calm days we may visit this spectacular reef in open sea. The walls drop down to the abyss and everynow and then we can see broken amphoraes.  The visibility is breathtaking throughout the year.

Day 5 Ios

Cycladic island sitting in the heart of the Aegean Sea. Popular as one of the top party islands, thanks to the crazy Ios nightlife, but the truth is that Ios is much more than that!

Day 6 Paros

Famous beaches varying from popular and vibrant to secluded, traditional Cycladic architecture, vivid nightlife, enchanting rural villages, and historical monuments.

Pandieronisi cave. At 12m we begin to see the massive entrance to the cave.  Vibrant colors are decoarating the cave walls.

Day 7 Serifos

Serifos is not a very touristy island that boasts comfortable soft sand beaches, enchanting capital Hora and wild terrains. 

Day 8 Piraeus/Athens

Piraeus is a huge bustling city, merging with Athens. It is the largest commercial and industrial center of Greece, the main foreign trade port.

Main consultant - George Delveroudis

  • PADI Master Instructor, CMAS 1* Scuba Instructor
  • Organizer of more than 65 trips to various destinations in the past 13 years (Egypt, Tanzania, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Italy, France, Germany, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Cyprus, Turkey, UAE, Maldives, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Palau, FS of Micronesia, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Japan, Seychelles, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica).

About the Ship

Running on waves is a three-mast sailing vessel, rigging type — barquentine. Sails are her main driving power.
  • With the length (LOA) of 64 metres, she is one of the biggest sailing yachts in the world. And simultaniously one of the smallest ocean cruise ship.
  • Over 15,5 square metres per guest of open teakwood deck space, that is 3 times more than aboard most expensive cruise ships.
  • Direct access to water for swimming through a ramp.
     21 crew
     18 cabins
     42 guests max


Main deck Cabins

These cabins have a king size bed, a wardrobe and a bar.
Cabins sizes vary between 20m² – 14m² (215ft2 - 150ft2).
Cabin №5 also has a soft corner couch.

Tween deck Cabins

The cabins located on the lower deck are fitted with portholes (circular windows). Cabins sizes vary between 11m² – 12m² (118ft² – 129ft).

Some cabins on the tween deck have king size beds (cabins №14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 29).
One cabin has a round double bed (№ 21).
One cabin has twin beds (№ 24).
Cabins №19, 22, 23, 25, 27 have triple beds in each one.


All prices in EURO and before discount.
All cabin prices include full board accommodation and yoga program.

Early booking discount

> 9 months — 30%
from 9 to 6 months — 20%
from 6 to 3 months — 10%
before each departure
Cabin Category Price per person (double accom.) Price per person (single accom.)
Mini-suite 20m2 5528 6860
Premium 18m2 4519 5599
Premium 16m2 4302 5328
Premium 14m2 3639 4499
Standard-Superior 12m2 3504 4330
Standard 12m2 3368 4160
Standard 11m2 3043 3754
Triple 12m2 2235* n/a
Triple 11m2 2049* n/a
* Price per person in triple accommodation

Special deal for children

2 adults + 1 child (8–12 years)
100% off
2 adults + 1 child (12–18 years)
50% off
1 adult + 1 child (8–12 years)
50% off
1 adult + 1 child (12–18 years)
25% off

Included in the price

  • Full board (meals 4 times a day)
  • Coffee/ tea and still water, crackers free during the day at the bar counter
  • Kayaks, windsurf boards, fins and masks for snorkeling
  • Entertainments on board: show and animation programs, sails practices, yoga classes, karaoke
  • SAT TV in the cabins
  • Jacuzzi
  • Consultations and assistantance by diving instructor

On extra payment

  • Port fee 350 EURO per person (obligatory).
  • Cocktails, alcohol and drinks in the bar
  • Diving equipment and diving instructor services, underwater group tours
  • Water ski, wakeboards etc.
  • Bus excursions with invited guide
  • Laundry services
  • Air tickets, transfer and visa cost
  • Service charge (tips) (on passengers decision)
  • Diving gear (60 euros/day)
  • Scuba diving travel insurance (can be bought individually in DAN Europe, World Nomads Explorer or Dive Assure, or via our partner)
  • Online diving theory courses (from 360 euros per person per course package)
  • Transfer from the ship to the diving site, if necessary


  • Exact price, including land transfers from the port to the dive center (when needed), depends on the total number of divers and number of dives at the destination
  •  Dive certificate is mandatory for all cave, reef or wreck dives.
  • Dive insurance can be obtained through our partner, individually, or at certain dive centers.
  • All dives should be pre-booked in advance with your Cruise Director.
  • Each traveler's first name, height, weight and shoe size is needed in advance, in order for each dive center to arrange diving equipment for you.
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