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We are Famous

There are no other sailing ships like Running on Waves.

Running on Waves possesses impetuous contour, full sailing equipment and high-performance engine power. She is a 64-meter genuine cruise sailing ship of high ocean-going class ✠100 А5 (GL), modern, high-speed, and environmentally compatible. With innovative technologies and light alloys, the ship’s draft is no larger than that of a medium-size yacht; allowing her to take you to diverse destinations, from large cosmopolitan ports to small exclusive coves. In 2014 our sailing ship became the ship of the month by Boat International magazine.

Media about us

The Running on Waves was presented to journalists for the first time in 2010 in Gdansk where it was constructed. Representatives of several tenths of mass-media were united in ...

Significant events

As of today the Running on Waves is “the youngest” sailing ship in the world however regarding number of bright events in its life it surpasses sea veterans...

Guests of honor

The book of the ship guests of honor contains signatures of tenths of the most known people of the world...

However, it doesn’t mean that we stopped reaching new horizons. So as to keep our 5 star level we continue to improve every day and every moment. Join us in our true sailing adventure, get on board of "Running on Waves"!