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Luxury yacht rentals

Why choose our sailing charter?



You’ve never gone to sea on a passenger sail ship? Does it seem like an unaffordable luxury?

A first thought may be to think that a journey on a small yacht is much more cost effective rather than on a luxurious sailing ship. Taking into account the amount to be paid for a charter sailing yacht, the skipper, fuel, water, food, etc., the total expenses are much higher than the cost of a standard cabin aboard Running on Waves. Yet the convenience, comfort and variety of entertainment aboard Running on Waves, is much greater.

The cost of our cruises is comparable to that of a good hotel. This is a very important factor!

Additionally, there is another way to experience the beauty of a journey under sail. As a rule, many cruise companies, have routes besides their regular itineraries - so called crossings. Thoee routes are ship’s crossings, for example, from an end point of a cruise to a starting point of a charter. Such journeys can be accomplished at a price far lower than cruise prices.

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A sailing charter is perfectly safe. The sailing ship “Running on Waves” has been built with adherence to all modern requirements for comfort and safety in accordance with the highest standards of SOLAS – the international convention on safety at sea. Reliability of the ocean class +100 А5 (GL) allows us to travel in any waters, except for ice latitudes in winter time.

In accordance with international rules, The Captain will conduct a safety briefing within 24 hours of the start of the ship’s journey.

The aft of the vessel is fitted with a hydraulic rig for safe access to the water. This is a part of the stern, which reclines onto the water and transforms into a diving deck and water sports area. This enables swimming in the open sea without stairs or the need of off-board diving. It also offers a convenient and safe way to test out all sorts of extreme sports activities.



A journey under sail is fascinating! You may choose to go for an exploratory cruise along the islands or be a member of sails crossing, an adventure tour or regatta. No other “A” class sail ship in the world has such small draft (at full rig) as the “Running on Waves.” Such an advantage has been reached thanks to use of unique technologies which allows us to include into an itinerary both large ports and small cozy coves and marinas, in which large vessels may not have access.

Additionally, our itineraries are ideally planned, as they knowledgeably combine trips on the sea, events onboard and excursion programs on land.

Yet if you desire something even more special, then we suggest you create your own itinerary for your sailing yacht charters.

On top of all the benefits provided by our ship’s unique technical features and the highest level of comfort, our ship has its own Water sports center, which offers you the widest range of opportunities for an active vacation!

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There are plenty of opportunities for sporty, educational and recreational personalities on the sail ship “Running on Waves” - and this is beneficial. Sailing charter on a ship is an excellent method to improve your health. The fresh sea air and the sun are necessary to take away accumulated stress and restore exuberance. Plus, Yoga in the fresh sea air is twice as useful! Every morning a master instructor awaits you on the deck of the “Running on Waves.” Moreover, we have a massage parlor and a Jacuzzi on deck. The highest level of comfort is guaranteed by the most modern technologies, such as rocking attenuators, air conditioning of cabins and excellent customer service against the backdrop of unique interior design.

Do you want something even better than that?

Comfortable sail charter conditions ideally complete extreme sports options on the ship. Fully equipped diving center, kayaks, water skis, windsurfs, wakeboard and even an underwater towing vehicle are at your service.

Fascinating master-classes and workshops will make you feel like a crew member, learn how to manage sails, climb masts, orient yourself by celestial navigation, make nautical knots, and map out the ship’s itinerary. And, maybe the most exciting opportunity yet - you could stand behind the steering wheel of the ship and govern the “Running” in the open sea!

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As people from many countries book our sailing yacht charters, all crew members are multilingual. Therefore, you will not have difficulties in communication onboard “Running on Waves.” Tours and excursion programs are conducted by licensed multilingual guides.

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Cruise sailing ship Running on Waves —
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