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Luxury yacht rentals


While getting for a cruise, one will inevitably face important questions requiring unambiguous reply. We collected the most popular and needed information for you.

Would I suffer from sea sickness and how do I avoid it?
Are vaccinations necessary before a cruise?
Is it possible to go on a cruise while pregnant?
What clothes are needed on a cruise?
Would passport or other documents be required at ports?
What medications should I take with me?
What other items should be taken?
What is prohibited to have onboard?
What are the rules of conduct onboard?
Is smoking permitted onboard?
What is the best way to pack and hand over luggage?
How do I know when to arrive on the ship at the start of and during the trip?
How does boarding/de-boarding take place?
What is involved during landing via motor boats?
What is the disembarkation procedure at the end of a cruise?
What meals are served in the restaurant?
What is an emergency drill?
How do I find out about onboard events?
How are sightseeing tours and excursions conducted in ports?
What entertainment is offered on the ship?
Is there a Diving Center on the ship?
Will an instructor be available?
What other services are available onboard?
Is it possible to order custom services for passengers?
What is available for purchase in a gift shop?
How can I pay onboard?
What about tips?
Is there air conditioning?
What is the difference between crossing and cruise?