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Luxury yacht rentals

Cruise Prices 2018


Cabin Category   Cabin Description Cabin № Price per person in Double accommodation (EURO)** Price per person in Single accommodation (EURO)** Port Calls     per person


20 м2 double bed 5 5328 7992 270
Premium 18 м2 double bed 4 4319 6479 270
Premium 16 м2 double bed 2, 3 4102 6153 270
Premium 14 м2 double bed 6 3439 5159 270


12 м2 double bed 16, 17, 18 3168 4752 270
Standard 12 м2 pullman 14, 15, 21 3168 4752 270
Standard 11 м2 double bed 29 2843 4265 270
Standard 11 м2 twin 24  2843  4265 270
Economy * 12 м2 triple 19, 23, 25, 27 1832  n/a 270
Economy * 11 м2 triple 22 1680  n/a 270

* Price per person in triple accommodation
** All cabin prices include full board accommodation

For CRUISES information and reservations in the US and Canada Call: 1-800-526-8539

Prices include / free of charge:

On extra payment:

Special deal for children:

Safety rules require us to allow children only of age 8 years and older to be on board.
The children younger than 8 years could be allowed on board by special request and require special arrangements.



If you have already selected a cabin and have received confirmation of your advanced booking, we suggest you pay the deposit, so that the cabin reservation is kept under your name. Otherwise, the cabin might be reserved by another passenger.

To reserve a cabin for a cruise or a crossing, payment should be done in advance in the following manner:

1) 25% deposit is due within five (5) business days from receipt of a bill.
2) Payment of the remainder balance in full should be made no later than 30 days prior to the beginning of the cruise;

If reservation payment is received within less than 30 days prior to the beginning of the cruise, payment in full should be made within five business days from receipt of the invoice.



If the completed reservation is cancelled, the Owner has the right to demand reasonable compensation for any expenses involved in preparation of the cruise. If the trip is cancelled within 61 days prior to the beginning of the cruise or earlier, our cancellation fee is 25 Euros per person.

The following cancellation fees are assessed in the event of a later cancellation date:

60-46 days before the cruise/crossing – 10% of the total cost is withheld from the refund;
45-30 days before the cruise/crossing – 50% of the cost is withheld;
29-10 days before the cruise/crossing – 90% of the cost is withheld;
Less than 10 days prior to the cruise/crossing –100% of the cruise cost is withheld, no refund.

In some cases, depending on the payment timeline, additional percentage may be assessed: 4-8% from the refund amount for merchant payment processing services.

Funds will be returned to the User’s bank card or account from which they were drawn, in the amount corresponding with the cancellation conditions and timeline. In case of cash payment, refunds are made via a transfer to the bank details provided by the client in writing.

Refunds are processed within 30 days of receipt of the cancellation notice by the Owner. Once refund is processed, the time it takes the money to reach the passenger’s account depends on the internal procedures of each individual bank.

Cancellations or change requests are to be sent in writing via email at sales@88parsec.com or faxed to +7(495) 215 28 39.



Price changes: The Owner reserves the right to change listed pricing due to increased transportation or service costs, such as port fees, insurance premiums or due to changes in the currency exchange rates applicable to the order in question and under the condition that the agreement was signed over four months prior to the travel date.

In the event of price changes, the Owner should inform the traveler immediately, but no later than 21 days before the trip. Increases in price after that period are unacceptable. If prices have risen more than 5%, the traveler has the right to break the agreement without any penalties, or demand to be put on a Cruise that has the same value, if the Owner is able to provide such product without any additional cost to the traveler. The Client can make such a claim immediately after the confirmation of price increase.

Changes in Itinerary/Cancellation: The Owner will take all possible measures to provide you with maximum comfort during your Cruise. However, program and itinerary changes are possible. The Owner can change itinerary, departure or return date, institute any delays or cancel a Cruise for reasons of an accident, weather, labor issues, insurance directives, repairs or maintenance needs, fuel or other shortages or ship damage. In other words, the Owner cannot guarantee that the Cruise will take place. In such cases, the Owner reserves the right to offer you an alternative Cruise. Any decision of changes is always made in the interest of passengers’ safety.