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Luxury yacht rentals

Let us surprise you!

Worth noting that each “Running on Waves” route is custom-designed and thematic... But we have something striking to offer you, indeed.

You think incredible experiences can be obtained only in far lands, somewhere at the edge of the world?

“Running on Waves” will show you that the Mediterranean Sea is full of exotic and secluded places you have not seen before for sure.

Have you ever heard of Gorgona island? Do you know what treasures are waiting for you in Gozo ? And has it ever crossed your mind to sail to the spicy world of Beirut? Or to set your foot on the land of Troy? How about cruising around smoke-topped Stromboli or maybe even venturing out into the Atlantic and sense the flowery odours of Madeira long before you arrive at the port?

And this is just the beginning…

Taking an undersail journey on our unique barquentine is a great chance to find yourself in places no other passenger ship will reach, so you will feel unforgettable air of exceptionality and unequalled delight.

Moreover, not only visual impressions are waiting for you onboard “Running on Waves”. Special activities such as divers or culinary shows will make your journey even more beautiful.

For more opportunities with “Running on Waves” please visit our Ideas for travel section.