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Greek yacht charter: culinary tour

The specialties of Mediterranean cuisine can not be found in New York restaurants. Traditions live away from the big cities: on small Greek Ionian islands, small villages in Croatia, Italian kitchens and French farms. If you are looking for secrets of real Mediterranean cuisine -welcome to Running on Waves and Ionian Sea Culinary Tour!

  • Our Greek yacht charter gives you opportunity to experience the spicy mixture of sailing tall ship cruise and culinary course
  • Our chef has sharpened his culinary mastership at the poshest hotels of Athens. During our 7-day cruise the passengers will learn how to create delicious masterpieces
  • Culinary schools will get a tasty discount and yummy bonus for booking up to 15 cabins in one cruise

Culinary tour on the yacht. Call: +356-20-341583. E-mail: charter@88parsec.com

Try authentic Mediterranean cuisine during your Greek yacht charter and become a chief-cook yourself!